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Joe Satriani / Somewhere Around Nothing - Apocalyptica

Devil's Slide - Joe Satriani / Somewhere Around Nothing - Apocalyptica

"HaaaaiiiiYA!" Jack shouted as he threw his blade out at the man named Sharp. Thier blades clashed, as both instantly dashed backward, both of the men were sweating alot, also out of breath from the battle they have been locked in for the last 20 minutes.

"This is the longest anyone has ever been able to stand up against me for.." Sharp smiled. "I like it, I wish it wouldnt end!"

"You know.. It has to.." Jack said with a low tone voice, his eyes trailing around the floor, littered with sharp metal and jagged planks of wood the crates were made of. "One us will fall.."
"Boss always wants his battles to end in blood.." Sharp crouched down into a stance. "Lots of it."

"Sounds pleasent, I can't wait to meet him."
"You will soon... soon enough." This remark made Jack widen his eyes for a moment, then narrow them once again. Does this guy plan to loose? Jack thought.

"But I won't go down without a fight..."
"I wouldn't expect any less I suppose.."
"And you shouldn't, I have 3 special techniques that I have crafted myself.. after hours and hours of backbreaking training and fighting. Nobody in the South Half wishes to even look at me the wrong way because they live in fear, of what I could do to them in a split second."

"Is that your Boss' way of controlling this place?"
"He has three of us by his side at mostly all times.. the one you already fought, me, and then the one waiting for you after me."

"Fear is what drives these people to fight me? Is that what your saying."
"Exactly." Sharp grinned in a rather twisted way.
"Thats not right!"
"I told you, boss is a very twisted person."

"Dramatic isn't it?" He made a distrubing sound which was supposed to sound like a laugh.

"You know Jack is gonna be down here and he is gonna beat you for touching me." Katie scowled.
"Oh I know he will be down here, that is the plan."

"These are all just diversions, they dont mean anything, I know Jack is able to take care of these guys easily."

"Then why... Then why are you doing this?!" Katie shouted, a tear falling.
"To wear him down, I wish to finally put him out of his misery after all of these years!"

"Just what is it you have against him anyway!? What did he ever do to you?!"
"He's.." The rest of his speech was muffled a little, but Katie heard it, and her eyes grew as wide as they could.

"Enough talking, finish this!" Sharp growled, dashing at Jack with amazing speed. He let out three strong slashes, as each one was blocked, Jack could feel a strong gust of wind come from each impact. Sharp backfliped some distance away and shouted. 

"This is my first! The Sonic Gust is the name, and you're about to see just why I call it that!"
"Im not afraid.." Jack jumped back, readying his blade. 

A second later Sharp dashed offat Jack, with even faster speed then before, kicking up a large cloud of dust and the sharp metal pieces as he launched.

"OH crap!!" Jack's eyes grew wide as he had no time at all to block the attack, and the blade struck him harshly in the stomach, making Jack cough a little blood up, as well as his eyes clinch tightly.

"Now here it comes..." Sharp whispered into Jack's ear, as a hurricane force gust came through the room and sent Jack spiraling back into one of the metal walls, slamming it with his back, before falling to the ground onto his stomach, coughing and bleeding from the mouth. "Oh damn, it appears I accidently hit you with the blunt side of my blade.. So I guess I didn't cut you.."
"Th.." Jack coughs. "That... That is inhuman..." He weakly stood, rubbing his eyes.
"You can stand?! Wow you ARE just like him! Your strength, your stamina.. even your att-"
"SHUT UP! Do NOT compare me to that coward you call a Boss!!"
"Now now."

"Im gonna cut you down quickly, I don't feel like goig through this anymore." Jack's eyes seemed to flare up red for a second.
"You even have your inner demon showing..."

"Jaaaack!!" Katie shouted, crying softly.
"Oh relax hun, you'll see him soon enough." Boss grinned and patted her shoulder.

"However.." Sharp grinned. "Here is my second technique.. I call it, the five star slash." Once again, he dashed at Jack with the same speed, though this time he was ready for it.

 Before Sharp even started to move, Jack had the tip of his sword right underneath on of the sharp objects. Once Sharp got closer, he flicked the object into his face, making him stop and shriek in pain.
"Got you!!" Jack growled and jumped foreward, upon landing, he crouched down, then shot up with suprising force, giving Sharp an uppercut with enough force to send him soaring into the air a couple feet.

 When he landed, a box that was hanging just above him was too much for the old rope holding it, with all the movement and such, the rope finally snapped, along with 5 others near them.

 Jack pulled his hood up and around his head as he ducked to the side, gaurding from any of the sharp pieces of metal that flew into the air. The one box however, crushed Sharp. 

He didn't die, he was still breathing, but in very bad shape. "Hey bud.." He reached down and picked up Sharp's Katana. "Im gonna borrow this.." He then walked to where he saw a doorway in the wall. The door opened, revealing a staircase. Jack walked down into the next room, which was pitch black. "What is this.."

"Welcome my guest!" A voice rang out.
"Who's there?!"
"My name, is Shadow and this room is where we will fight.
"In the dark?"
"Are you afraid of the dark Mr.Jack?"
"No.." He walked to what seemed like the center.
"I see your good with fighting what you can see, however, how good are you at fighting what you can't?"
"Excuse me?"

"It's like this friend.. We will fight in the pitch black that fills this empty room. I assure you, there is no tricks or traps. Strike me once, and I'll let you pass, understand?"
"Fair enough." Jack slashed down with both swords, feeling the pain from the strike he was just given. Im lucky nothing was broken... Jack thought to himself, looking around.

-:-+ 8 +-:- Headstrong - Trapt

"See you or not I WILL take you down.. Nothing will stop me from getting my Katie back!"
"My my, arn't we a little headstrong... and stupid!" Shadow came from the side landing a nice punch on Jack, more notably his head. He stumbled to the side, but Jack quickly repeled him with a jump in the air and holding both blade's out to the side, spinning like a propeller. When he landed, he started to slash like mad all over, stopping and breathing heavy.

"Tsk tsk, you'll never hit me like that! I dont even use weapons."
"I could hit you if I could SEE! You wouldnt be so..." He lunged to where he heard the voice, slashing twice.

 "SMUG! then.. would you?"
"Maybe not, but I am like a ninja, I conceal myself from the enemy and strike when I feel it is time to do so. You might think Im standing in one place.. when in fact.. I could be right behind you!" Shadow slammed his foot into Jack's back, sending him off into another slashing spree, still nothing though.
"Damn you!"
"Come on, Im not even trying here! You don't understand, the way the walls are set up in this room, my voice can bounce in such a way you think Im standing in one place, when in fact Im standing in a completely different spot."
"Acoustics.. " Jack grinned.

"This isnt fair!" Katie shouted, moving in her chair. Boss put his hands on her arms as he stood behind her. "Dont touch me!"
"Shhh relax..

 Dont get so worked up, I told you before, he will be here."
"Your just tiring him out so you can finish him you coward!"
"Quiet girl.. before I gag you!" He shouted and smacked her. She stayed silent, but closed her eyes for a moment, tearing up.

In no time, Jack was being worked over by Shadow, punches and kicks coming from all directions. "This is pointless if I can't find out... Hmm wait..." Jack then ran around the room.
"What are you doing?" Shadow raised an eyebrow.
"Seeing through your plan, your trying to screw with me and play with my mind.. 

When I didn't even notice how easy this plan is to see through." Minutes later, Jack found a corner and crouched in it, facing the openness of the room. He closed his eyes and stayed perfectly still. Shadow was running at him, and for once he could hear the foot steps.
"Now I have you!!" Jack opened his eyes and jumped up, slashing with both swords upwards, Shadow catching one of the blades in the chest, which made him spiral back, land on his back, and wince in pain.
" You understood huh?..."

"Of course, when one sense is taken away, the others compensate.. My ears were my eyes and your foot steps became as bright as the sun." He grinned and walked to the bright opening that just opened up. Halfway down the stairway Jack collapsed against the wall, holding his stomach. "Damn it..

 The pain..." He stood up, and grabbed the railing, swinging around and collapsing once again against the wall. "Its getting to be a little much.. But I still have to go on.." He made it down the rest of the way, slowly but surely.

 The door at the bottom opened to reveal a cold room, monitors and wires everywhere. "What.. Is this.." When Jack looked to the wall opposite that of the monitors, his eyes widened. 

The words "dark defines light" written in what appeared to be blood were on the wall. "Who?! Is this the room Boss is in?! What kind of person..." He continued to walk down the room, a closed door at the end. He put a hand on the knob and slowly turned it, when he opened it and walked through, he made it. 

The door slammed harshly behind him.
"JACK!!" Katie shouted, both of them finally face to face in the same room.
"Well well, here we are! The cast is all here at last!" Boss laughed as he stepped in between the two, grinning.

No way!! Can't be! CANT BE!" Jack dropped both of the swords onto the metal floor, backing up against the wall, shaking his head, eyes wide in disbelief. "You... You.. Died!"
"Jack? Your scaring me... What is going on?" Katie said with a shakey voice.

"Oh no, no no.. I didn't die.. I came close to it.. but I didnt. Come on dear BROTHER... I thought you would be glad to see me! We ARE family after all."
"I guess then... I should stop calling you Boss and start calling you by your real name then.. Jim"
"I guess so." Jim grinned.

-:-+ 9 +-:- Time and Time Again - Chronic Future / Stop Pretending - Chronic Future

"Remember the car crash brother?" Jim grinned. "You should, you were in it with us.."

It was a night of pouring rain and harsh thunder. Jack, Jim and their Mother and Father were driving down a back road, Jack and Jim in the back. 

Their childhood was never easy, their parents didn't treat either of them very well, and this particular car ride was no exception. Both of them were yelling at the two young boy's, both age 11. 

Thier father was the one driving that night, and was getting especially angery. "You dont love us! You both hated us since we can both remember!!!" The young Jack shouted at thier parents. 

The father turned around and back handed Jack hard enough to send his head into the window, bleeding a little. Jim shook him to wake him. "Brother.. Brother please.. please wake up! Father.. what.. what did you do to him?!"
"Shut your mouth RIGHT NOW!" The father screamed at the top his lungs, not paying attention to the road.
"Watch out!" Thier mother shouted, as the car went veering off the road a little, their father went a little excessive with the turn, and went off the other side of the road, skidding from the wet road. The car flipped a few times, before slamming a big tree , landing on the roof.

"Thats.. Thats horrible.." Katie sighed.
"I didnt really want to ever remember that night, it was horrible.." Jack said softly, lifting his hair up to show he still had the scar from where his head slammed the window. "This mark reminds me everyday about that horrid night!... And those horrid people who called themselfs our parents!" Jack fell to his knees, looking down. "The people at the hospital told me you died Jim.."

"I did for a little.. But they brought me back.." He grinned. "Yes, I was legally dead for a minute or so.. They said I wouldnt be able to have free thought or move or anything again either, but look at me now, I never felt better!" Jim raised his arms into the air. Jack looked up.
"You don't look well.."

"I am well and then some bro!"
"No.. You arn't.." Jack stood. "We used to be close.. Remember? We'd hide from our parents in the basement or something? We'd hold each other in fear, wounds and brusies around our arms and legs.."
"Those days are long behind, I have a different way of thinking now, a much better way then that whole trying to be good shit. I finally saw how evil the world is and how being good like you are acting now, it just doesn't get you anywhere.

"Your sick in the head brother.."
"Im fine! It is YOU who is the sick one!"
"Hardly!" Jack sneered.

"Come on.. are you telling me you dont feel angry inside for what our parents did to us? Face it! We are two sides of the same coin."
"Dont even! Yes I am angry, But I have moved passed that! I learned that what happened has happened, there is no more to it."
"Its funny.." Jim started to laugh. "It's almost like we are two halfs of the same person brother.."

"Explain.." Jack folded his arms.
"Well, look at us, we look almost identical as it is.. Except.. You have the good heart.. and I have the black heart."
"Yin and Yang.."
"Exactly, but nobody can be all one or the other, so this is the question, who has more of what?... Do you have more evil then I do good?"
"I doubt it! Show me Jack... Show me how you really feel inside... Dont hold it back from your little girly over there, show her too... Show us both your inner demon." Jim laughed.

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